quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

'Deep' & Delicious


Granmafuckers just pulled in
And since I got to hear for all of you are just gonna record me right about now they have to fold, as this folds as unfolds
That will be all
I'm dizzy with myself right now to those who say
Let's make this crispy and clear over here fellas
Krispy Kreamin'
See | I came here cause I felt
I had to tell you something
I felt that something that you needed to know
Something that you needed to hear
God paid my dues
And I've come a long-long way
I tried
I tried
And I almost gave up!
Almost sorry to start, baby
That's right!
Just a little bit of opportunity
It's not too long you baby
Oh yeah
That's right!
Here we go!

segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

And this black and white world
Will never fade to gray

sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

Is there anything to feel?
Is it pain that makes you real?

Way harsh

Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know
I drag her around wherever I go
This little woman drives me insane
She's tied to my ankle with a ball and chain

For thousand years, she's been hangin' around
Tryin' to bury me in a hole in the ground
Well, I think it's time that I even the score
There's only room for one in this cage of yours

Don't save me when I startin' to drown
Don't use me when you don't want me around
Just be my slave girl, cuz that's all I need
So take a little step back to the stone age with me

Well I hear a strange noise as I lie in my bed
I feel a lotta water drippin' on my head
I look around tried to see through my hair
You left me alone, but do you think I care?

Cuz you moved me when I was takin' my time
You abused me when I'm outta line
You tried to warn me of the danger sign
So watch out!

Well, you got me in the bondage of another age
You drive me to distraction in a primitive way
I can't control my instincts when I hear her say
Just come around and see me if you lose your way

So join my chain gang, play along with me
I'll be your caveman, it's basic as can be
I'm not insane, man, I'm just outta my dream